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Lynn's Grooming & Supplies

Lynn's Grooming & Supplies specializes in grooming Newfoundland Dogs and dog grooming supplies, such as high velocity dryers (K-9, Metro, Artero, EZ-Groom).   I also have RazeR shears.


I am located on the North Shore of Long Island.  I also am the home of Sound Bay Newfoundlands.





Everything for Your Dog.....Dryers, Shears...


Proper grooming is an essential part of your pet’s health and well-being.  To learn more about my services, please click below.

Grooming Dryers / Tools (FREE SHIPPING!)

Aeolian PRO Purple Forced Air Dryer


Comes with two nozzles and a hose cover
* the nozzles are patented with a double walled cooling feature to help eliminate over heating on the groomer's hand
* the new motor makes it more powerful and last 3 times longer than the early version
* 2100W motor
* as powerful as a double motor dryer light-weight with a single motor
* 230 CFM


Artero Soft Medium Slicker<

  • Eco-Friendly Brush: Crafted from natural and sustainable materials, the brush is environmentally friendly. 
  • Flexible Pins: The long, flexible pins protect your pet's skin by preventing scratches and superficial wounds. 
  • Ideal for Small / Medium Pets: perfect for keeping their coats in top condition. 
  • Air Cushion System: Integrated with an Air Cushion system, allowing metal pins to cover a larger area while protecting the hair's integrity..... $18.41


Artero Double Slicker Brush



  • Super flexible pins, a rubber pad base for greater comfort. 9 inches x 3 inches 
  • Air-cushion rubber system,  allows a better adaptability of the pins to conform to the surface of the animal.- 
  • Extra-long pins for a greater range of mobility throughtout the coat. 
  • Provides a great effect of volume to the coat.  $36.28

Artero Large Slicker


  • Ideal for brushing dense or shedding coats 
  • Effective for tangles and knots thanks to the semi-flexibility 
  • Hand-worked wood handle provides ideal ergonomics for a good grip. 
  • Features 0.79" fine pins...$20.99

K-9 III Dryer ---- Top of the line!  Works great for heavy coated dogs or all breeds.  All colors available! 




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