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We provide exceptional care with lots of love for your four-legged family members. All of our services are personalized to meet your individual needs.  Use the PAY PAL button on the Contact/Ordering page to purchase your item!  ***All products are FREE SHIPPING***


A properly groomed dog is a happy and healthy dog. Nobody understands that better than Lynns Grooming & Supplies. 


I groom in a quiet country setting, with individual personal attention to one dog at a time.  I specialize in Newfoundland dog grooming (show and pet grooms) but will do other long haired large breeds.


Lynns Grooming & Supplies offers a full-line of grooming procedures from a simple shampoo to pre-competition preparation.


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High Velocity Dryers

The K-9 III high velocity dryer.  This dyer is the most powerful dryer on the market, yet lightweight and portable and comes in a variety of colors...Air Volume: 245 CFM, Air Speed: 34,321 - 62,000 FPM, Watts: 2098, Amps: 18.5...................$579

VARIABLE SPEED model ..... $655

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The ever popular K-9 II dryer.  It is not only powerful for drying large animals, but is portable enough to take to shows and comes in a variety of colors...Air Volume: 218 CFM, Air Speed: 59,329 FPM, Watts: 2040,Amps: 17..........  $507

VARIABLE SPEED model ..... $595

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Aeolian PRO Purple Forced Air Dryer


Comes with two nozzles and a hose cover
* the nozzles are patented with a double walled cooling feature to help eliminate over heating on the groomer's hand
* the new motor makes it more powerful and last 3 times longer than the early version
* 2100W motor
* as powerful as a double motor dryer light-weight with a single motor
* 230 CFM


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AEOLIAN Dryer ...This is the most aptly named dryer in the pet world, Monster Blaster! Incredible power, incredible value. This single motor dryer outperforms most dual motor dryers in this market. Its wind speed and blow force has been experienced to be believed. This dryer is revolutionizing the world of single motor pet dryers. It’s versatile too. Mount it on the wall or stand mount...  N/A

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MANGO Dryer... This is a powerful little dryer! Same motor as the Monster. Variable Speed with heat. Mango’s single motor superior blow force and wind speed allows it to perform better than most double motor dryers. When equipped with a hard pipe extension, it turns from a forced air dryer into a finishing dryer instantly. Patented noise control technology brings the noise level down to about 80 decibels. Stand not included. N/A

This small dryer, the Mini K-9, might be small and portable, but has lots of power!  It has a Hi and Low switch for convenience and versatility.  A great dryer for taking to shows for fluffing, and comes in a varity of colors...114 CFM, 32529 FPM, 9.5 amps, 1140 watts.....$349

K-9 Dryer Hose Comfort Sleeve


  • Heat shield technology - better for hands
  • 36 in long - Machine Washable
  • Protects dryer hose from damage, scratches , bites
  • Repels hair and debris ......N/A

 Artero Giant Comb- 48 Wide Tooth - 18 Small Tooth



  • Ideal for large breeds
  • 49 wide teeth
  • 18narrow teeth
  • $25
  • Hikato Professional Japanese Steel Shear - 40 tooth thinner + Case
  • A popular choice of groomers
  • Offers performance, durability, and reliability at a great price. SOLD OUT


  • Swan 8 inch or 7.5 inch Curved Dog / Pet Grooming Shears
  • Professional dog grooming shears
  • Sharp and precise and colorful!
  • Gives a beautiful cut! SOLD OUT

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The EZ-DRY is a quiet dryer with Variable Speed Control.  It is portable and lightweight, so great for show fluffing.  This dryer comes in two colors.....$385.99

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Metro Air Force Twin Turbo is powered by two powerful motors and comes with a heavy duty 10' hose....61,000 FPM, 18 amps.....$454.99 ($25 shipping)

  • Replacement hose for K-9 dog dryers (K-9 II, III, Mini)
  • Original replacement hose from Electric Cleaner Co. - 10 or 15 foot length
  • This is a new black, wire reinforced dryer hose
  • 1.5" hose cuffs that are factory bonded to each end of the hose.
  • Two stainless steel thumbscrew hose clamps
  • 10 foot hose ................................$70
  • 15 foot hose.................................$100
This new black, wire reinforced dryer hose is the hose used on the K-9 Dryers from Electric Cleaner  Co. and built to last. Available in 10 foot or 15 foot lengths (see other listing). They have 1.5" hose cuffs that are factory bonded to each end of the hose. Two stainless steel thumbscrew hose clamps, included but not shown in photo ensure no pop-offs from the dryer.  This is the same hose that comes with the original dryer from the manufacturer.
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EZ-Groom Ultra Fast Blow Dry Dog Coat Spray Conditioner/Detangler-16 oz

• Unique blend of sheeting agents, silicones and conditioners saves drying time and protects the coat from a hot blow dryer

• It leaves the coat shiny, silky, static-free and does not attract dust!

• Reduces blow drying and scissoring time up to 50%

$18 (FREE Shipping)

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RazeR Shears

High quality shears...Titanium Blue 40 tooth thinners, 8.5 " straight and 8.5" curved shears...$60 (FREE Shipping)

Convex Edge
• Hollow Ground
• Adjustable Tensioner                               

 Forged finger rest
• High quality Titanium
• Does not catch or pull

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EZ-Groom Filthy Beast Shampoo or Conditioner

Special ingredients for detangle, de-shed and de- matting the hair. The botanical extracts in this shampoo are anti-inflammatory and soothing to the skin. 16 oz dilutes 50-1-Contioner available also $16 (FREE shipping) Special ingredients for detangle, de-shed and de- matting the hair. The botanical extracts in this shampoo are anti-inflammatory and soothing to the skin. 16 oz dilutes 50-1-Contioner available also. Both $16 (FREE Shipping)



K-9 Replacement Filters - 2 Pack

K-9 Original Replacement Filters (2 Pack) for K-9 dryers ...............$N/A

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Naked Care Coat Volumizer

*Pay with Pay Pal on ORDER  page* $28 ... The product replaces the shine and luster of your dog's coat while intensifying colors. You can literally see the volume of the coat "grow" with the FIRST application. Conditioning without softening, Naked Care leaves the texture soft and natural,

Apple Blossom - Aloe Chamomile Luxury Hypo Allergenic - Stop Itching Dog

Aloe Conditioning Shampoo Contains Aloe Vera and chamomile, results in a rich, full-bodied coat and reduces itching. The Conditioning Shampoo is formulated for sensitive skin. The professional hypoallergenic formula contains Aloe Vera gel, peppermint, lavender, and chamomile extracts. It supplies vitamins and enzymes, which nourish and replenish even a dry and dull coat.